Juke-box "AMI Continental 2"

    Juke-box "AMI Continental 2"

    USA, Grand Rapids, Michigan


    Automatic Musical Instruments Co.

    Wood, metal, plastic, glass; manufacturing, electrical work

    165 x 77 x 76 cm, 160 kg

    On the rear nameplate: “MODEL XJDB-200 AMI SERIAL NO. 642105 VOLTS 115 AC CYCLES 60 WATTS 330 WHEN WALL BOXES ARE USED ADD 100 WATTS PER TRANSFORMER”; “AUTOMATIC MUSIC, INC. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN MADE IN U.S.A.”; on the front panel: “Continental 2”; “STEREO – ROUND”; “AMI”. On flat ends of the panel with the tunes' list: “STEREO - ROUND”; musical genres titles in English beneath the sections


    Record playing machine in vertical cantilevered walnut veneered case on swivel wheel. The skew angulated side panels are trimmed with fine metal dark-gray mesh. The lower part of the facade, framed by a polished aluminum alloy frame is covered with anodized gold mesh. Two layers plexiglas panel in chrome-plated frame is above. The model title “Continental 2” is on the front panel, the trademark and the inscription “STEREO - ROUND” are between the glasses. The rear panel inner surface is painted red and white and is equipped with backlights. The inclined top panel is painted dark-gray metallic and framed with aluminum rim from three sides. Three groups of ten red tunes selection keys, indicated by numbers and Latin letters are on the front side. Metal panel with coin slot, coin reject button and small round red window, in which the dropped coin nominal is displayed, are on the right-hand side. Coin reject tray and two rectangular lids, covering the coin selector mechanism and coin box are on the right lateral side. Two curved hinged white color doors with the textured surface, oblong handles and two chrome-plated locks are on the rear side. A box with voltage ON/OFF toggle switch, volume control lever and nameplate is on the left door. Hemispherical glass cover cap with chrome-plated shell outside and red plastic apron inside, covering the record player motor is in the top panel center. The player disc with universal stepped center allows playing back records with different rotation speeds, both 45 and 33 r/min. The desired speed is set automatically. EP records 175 mm diameter amounting 100 pieces are assembled in vertical carousel behind the disc. A tonearm with a piezoelectric head is installed next to the disc. To play back the record one has to activate the juke-box, drop a coin in the slot, select a tune by pressing the appropriate combination of keys with letters, and numbered keys. After that, the carousel rotates until the desired record takes vertical position under the arc grip. The grip pulls it up, turns and puts on the rotating disk, the needle descends onto the record and the melody sounds. At the end of the playback, the tonearm moves back to its original position; the grip removes the record from the disk and returns it to its initial place in the carousel. The device is equipped with the authentic stereo speaker system that does not require external loudspeakers and allows to stereo sound even from the monophonic recordings. The unusual arc-shaped glazed panel with the list of two hundred tunes on separate cards and backlighting is mounted on a polished metal bracket above the case. Music media: 175 mm diameter gramophone record, the rotation speed of 45 or 33 1/3 rpm.