Juke-box "Wurlitzer 1100"

    Juke-box "Wurlitzer 1100"

    USA, North Tonawanda, NY


    Rudolph Wurlitzer Company

    Wood, metal, plastic, plexiglass; casting, presswork, electrical work, manufacturing, veneering

    146 x 74 x 69 cm, 180 kg

    On the control panel: “Wurlitzer”; “5 10 25 CENTS”; “RETURN”; “PRESS TO CHANGE PROGRAM”; “MAKE SELECTIONS”; “24 TUNES”. On the nameplate: “MULTI-SELECTOR PHONOGRAPH”; “REG. US PAT. OFFICE”; “MANUFACTURED BY”; “THE RUDOLPH WURLITZER COMPANY”; “NORTH TONAWANDA”; “UNDER ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING PATENTS”; the list of patent numbers; ”INPUT”; “115 VOLTS 50 CYCLES”; ...“MODEL 1100”; ... “SERIAL No. 2113202”. On the stickers: on the horizontal surface: “Cobra”; “This instrument is equipped with genuine COBRA (REG.U.S.PAT.OFF.) RADIONIC TONE ARM made only by Zenith Radio Corporation, CHICAGO”. Near toggle actuator: “LINE SWITCH”’ “ON”; “OFF”


    Musical automatic record player is housed in wooed case with rounded top. It is ornated with colored plastic decorative elements with lighting and textured iridescent and chrome details, on movable supports. On the front side of the case there is A door with lock on the left side panel is on the case front side. Control panel is mounted on the door: programmed selection unit for choosing one of 24 melodies with the inscription “Wurlitzer”, with the list of tunes and selection keys, coins selector slot and slot meter, dynamic light system. The rejected coins niche is beneath. The melody is selected by successively selecting one of three programs, consisting of eight melodies each, and then the tune is selected by pressing the corresponding button. The door is connected with the case inner side by electric cable in a flexible spiral braid. The control panel is in the central part: The plate “5 10 25 CENTS”, coin selector slot, red key for rejecting coins with “RETURN” inscription, red key “PRESS TO CHANGE PROGRAM”; eight red and white keys for melody selection are on the left side. The plates: “MAKE SELECTIONS”, “24 TUNES” are on the right-hand side. The door upper part is covered with transparent plexiglas. The stack of 24 gramophone records with rotation speed of 78 revolutions per minute is installed on special numbered trays on the horizontal surface of the case upper part under the plexiglas. The tray feeding mechanism with the selected record and the tray drive unit with the tunes numbers are behind on the background of musical instruments images. A bracket with a clamping carriage and improved tonearm Zenith Cobra for playing back a record is above. A rod with the disc on which a record is place, moves forward on the right-hand bottom part. Power supply unit with the tube amplifier, central connection box uniting all electrical circuits and coin selector are in the case bottom part. Dynamic loudspeaker covered with a metal grid and coins selection device are mounted on the additional hinged panel. Covered with grid nameplates are on the aperture top rear side. Two square apertures tightened with metal grid, the cable output with bipolar plug, power supply on/off toggle switch with the inscription are on the rear bottom part. The pear side central part is covered with removable panel with oval slots. The machine should be turned on before playing the record, simultaneously the crawling florescent lamps are activated; it is necessary to drop a coin of 5, 10 or 25 cents in the slot; to select a melody by pressing press the program selection key, then the tune number. The selection mechanism will push the record out of the stack, the rotating driving stem will move the selected record to the pressure carriage and tonearm, the needle will descend onto the record and the recorded tune will sound. Music media: gramophone record.