Juke-box control unit “Wurlitzer 2104”

    Juke-box control unit “Wurlitzer 2104”

    USA, North Tonawanda (NY)


    Rudolph Wurlitzer Company

    Wood, metal, plexiglas, fabric; casting, presswork, manufacturing, electrical works

    142 х 86 x 71 cm

    On the nameplate: “Wurlitzer”, “MULTI-SELECTOR PHONOGRAPH”, “REG. US PAT. OFFICE”, “MANUFACTURED BY”, “THE RUDOLPH WURLITZER COMPANY ”, “NORTH TONAWANDA”, “UNDER ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING PATENTS”, list of 37 patent numbers: “CANADIAN OCT. 7.1952 487106”, “MODEL 2104 IMPUT 115 VOLTS 50 CYCLES”, “STANDBY 145 WATTS, NORMAL OPERATING 300 WATTS”, “MAXIMUM INPUT 425 WATTS”, “ADD TO PHONOGRAPH WATT RATING 150 WATTS WHEN”, “USING AN ALLOWABLE MAXIMUM OF 12 WALL BOXES”, “WHEN USING AUXILIARY AMPLIFIER ADD 135 WATTS”, “TO PHONOGRAPH WATTAGE”, “SERIAL No. 289647”. On the labels: on housing: “Wurlitzer”, “Registered Trade Mark”, “Marque deposée”, “Marca registrada”, “NORTH TONAWANDA NEW YORK U.S.A.”; on the top panel right side: “STAR-BOX’, “JUKE- BOX - ANUSEMENT GAMES”, “TEL.:57.56.01”, “BRUSSELS”; on the left side: “Cobra”, “This instrument is equipped with genuine COBRA (REG.U.S.PAT.OFF.) RADIONIC TONE ARM made only by Zenith Radio Corporation, CHICAGO”


    Jukebox is housed in wooden case, trimmed with plastic and chrome moldings, on four movable supports. The front panel bottom curved part is covered with silvery color lattice. Metallic grid with transparent semi columns with golden bedding from perforated material and internal illumination on the sides is above. Three dynamic loudspeakers and a tube amplifier are inside the case behind the grid. The control panel is above. A start button and a label with the inscription "SELECT", the keys for selecting one of 104 melodies by the alphanumeric combination are on the left-hand side. Coin selector slot and coins reject button are on the right-hand side.

    Upper inclined panel with a hinged glass cover with metal canopy, the inscription "Wurlitzer" and green backlighting covers the panel with the repertoire list and a carousel mechanism with 52 records. Behind it, on a horizontal surface with stickers and a ring with record numbers on the plates, there is The drive mechanism casing fixed on it bracket with the records cleaning brush and a Zenith Cobra pick-up head is mounted on the horizontal panel with labels and a ring with the records tunes’ numbers. To play back the record one has to turn on the juke-box, four 20-watt fluorescent backlight bulbs will be activated simultaneously, drop 2 or 4 franks coin, select a tune by pressing the alphabet key first, then the melody number and the left key. The selection mechanism pushes the record out of the stack, the rotating rod brings the selected record to the clamping carriage and tonearm, the needle descends onto the record and the melody sounds. Music media: gramophone record.