Film juke-box "Scopitone ST 36"

    Film juke-box "Scopitone ST 36"

    France, Canada, Paris, Quebec


    Cameca Corporation; Scopitone Canada Inc.

    Metal, plastic, glass, plexiglass; casting, presswork, electrical work, manufacturing

    204 x 117 x 86 cm, 250 kg

    On the red plate: “1 - INSERT COIN ABOVE”; “LEFT SIDE”; “RIGHT SIDE”; “2 – SELECT COLUMN WITH THIS KEY”; “WHEN GREEN LIGHT”; “ILLUMINATED”; “PRESS BUTTON IN LINE IN TITLE FOR PROPER SELECTION”; “ NOT ILLUMINATED”; “PRESS REJECT BUTTON”. On nameplates: “CAMECA”; “79, Bd Haussmann - PARIS”; “Appareil Type ST 36”; “No de Série 3074”; “MADE IN GRANCE”; on nameplates : “CAMECA”; “79, Bd Haussmann - PARIS”; “Appareil Type ST 36”; “No de Série 3074”; “MADE IN FRANCE”, on the screen console rear side: “CAMECA”; “79, Bd Haussmann - PARIS”; “Appareil Type ST 36”; “No de Série 3066”; “GOLD-LEBEY LEVALLOIS”; on the rear door: “GERARD THIBAULT”; “355 ST-PAUL QUÉBEC”; “REPRÉSENTANT DE”; “CAMECA - PARIS”; “Appareil Type ST 16”; “No de Série 3074“; “SCOPITONE CANADA INC.”; “355 ST PAUL QUÉBEC PD”


    Automatic film projector is housed in wooden case, decorated with plastic and gray-red lamina, chrome-plated moldings and red inserts, with the protruding bottom part of ribbed beige plastic with triangular chrome onlays, set on four movable supports. A loud speaker is on the inclined front surface. It is covered with silver color metal grid with diagonal inscription “Scopitone” against the lines of the musical stuff. Vertical control panel is on the left hand side. Vertically down are coins slot with the inscription “ONE QUARTER”; coins reject button with red color plate “REJECT BUTTON”, a niche for coins, red label with the film juke-box operating manual, key to switch the left and right columns of the movies list, green color window with illumination, red and black keys for selecting one of 36 films on the right side. Coins reject niche is on the left lateral side. A console with milk glass translucent screen, protective plastic panel and mirror is mounted above.

    A rotary mechanism with 36 reels with 16 mm format films, with magnetic sound track, vacuum tube amplifier, vertical frame with switchboard and relay, on/off button, fuse holders, fan cable outlet, with the film juke-box fixed part with film-handling mechanism, with lens and mirror; with sound magnetic head; film and winding motors, the film juke-box movable part with lamp and a condenser are inside the casing. Removable door with two handles-locks with fan, tightened with metal mesh, the cable output with double poles plug and nameplates are on the rear side.

    Before watching a movie, you need to drop 5 francs coin and select a film according to the instruction. The mechanism will bring the selected film to the audio-visual machine, the motor will be activated, and demonstration of a musical or comedy sound film will start on the screen. After the film ends, the rewind mode starts. Manual rewinding is also possible.