Remote tune selection unit "Rock-Ola 1546"

    Remote tune selection unit "Rock-Ola 1546"

    USA, Chicago, Illinois


    Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation

    Metal, plastic, glass; casting, presswork, electrical work, manufacturing

    36 x 28 x 17 cm, 11 kg

    On the housing: “ROCK-OLA”; on the glass: “ROCK-OLA”; “HI-FIDELITY”; “120”; “ SELECTIONS”; in coin selector window: “One Play 2 NICKELS or 1 DIME THREE PLAYS 25 ¢”; in the right window “SELECT”. On the horizontal surface inside the housing: “ROTATE LEVER AT TOP”; “TO VIEW COMPLETE PROGRAM”; “DEPOSIT COIN – MAKE SELECTION”. On the nameplate: “ROCK-OLA”; “MFG. CORP. CHICAGO ILLINOIS”; “PATENT NUMBERS”; list of 18 patent numbers; “OTHER PATENTS PENDING”; “24 VOLTS”; “60 CYCLES”; “35 MAX WATTS”; “MODEL 1546”; “SERIAL No. 46354”


    Remote selection unit for choosing one or more of 120 tunes is mounted on the chassis in cast chrome-plated metal case, with coins reject niche on the left-hand side. The facade is covered with elaborated casing with semicircular glass window with the inscription “ROCK-OLA” on the front side, wiring diagram, nameplate and instructions in English on the horizontal surface inside the casing. A removable cassette with pages and cards with artists and tunes names, coins selector mechanism, the block electromechanical part are mounted on the chassis. A lock, coin selector slot, two red illuminated windows, and a slot with five levers for turning pages with cards are on the protruding upper part. 10 plastic red color buttons are on both window sides. Two apertures for wall mounting are on the rear side. The selection unit can be connected with juke-boxes Rock-Ola 1436 and Rock-Ola 1438 by three-wire switching units.

    To play back the record one has to set the page with the desired card, drop two 5 cents coins or a 10 or 25 cents coin, press the key opposite the selected tune. Information about the selected melody will be transmitted via communication lines to the juke-box. The selection mechanism pushes the record out of the carousel, installs it on the disc, activates the player and the melody sounds