Remote payment machine "Mills Violano Virtuoso"

    Remote payment machine "Mills Violano Virtuoso"

    USA, Chicago, Illinois


    Mills Novelty Company

    Metal, glass; presswork, painting, electroplated coating

    ø 18X16 см, 2 kg

    On paper insert: TO PLAY MILLS Violano – Virtuoso INSERT 5 C IN SLIDE PUSH IN AND PULL OUT.”; “PAT. JUNE 21. 1921. MILLS NOVELTY CO., CHICAGO”; “Form CC 60 7-14-24 500.”


    Remote payment machine in repoussed cylindrical housing made of sheet metal, with removable and lockable front lid. The case is painted brown enamel imitating wood. Ornately shaped nickel-plated frame with paper insert under the glass is on the lid. Work-manual is in two-color frame is on the insert. Coin selection junction with the tray and engine are on the case The junction is covered with semicircular casing.
    To start the jukebox “Mills Violano Virtuoso” one has to pull out the lever, put a 5-cent coin into the slot, push the selector back and pull it out again. Apertures for mounting on the wall are on the case rear side. Electrical wire pair connects the remote payment machine to the jukebox.