Juke-box tune selection control unit "Seeburg EDEC 1-76"

    Juke-box tune selection control unit "Seeburg EDEC 1-76"

    USA, Chicago, Illinois


    Seeburg Corporation

    Metal, plastic; manufacturing, electrical work

    44 x 13 x 35 cm, 13 kg

    On the horizontal partition: “THE SEEBURG CORPORATION. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS U.S.A.”, “DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CONSOLETTE”, “24 VOLTS 50/60 HZ 0.6 AMPS MAX. TYPE…”. On the nameplate inside the case: “CONSOLETTE”, “TYPE EDEC 1-76 SER: No 1329024”, “STAND – BY AMPERES – 0.4 TRANSMITTING AMPERES – 0.6 VOLTS 24 HERTZ 50/60”, “PATENTS PENDING THE SEEBURG CORP. CHICAGO, ILINOIS, U.S.A.” Prices for different configuration options are marked on the bottom banner ; the sequence of actions is highlighted on the top one


    Juke-box control unit for tune selection is mounted in a rectangular metal case consisting of two parts - the front part in the form of cast chrome-plated support frame, and rear part, made of sheet metal and painted dark brown. The lock on the right-hand side fastens both parts of the case. Melodies’ catalogue in the form of double ring chain comprised of plastic frames is in the bottom section with a transparent window. Two cards with the names of two tunes could be inserted in every frame. The control unit allows selecting one or several tunes from the total quantity of 160 ones. The upper section is covered with anodized metal mesh with shallow apertures. Rectangular panel with numeric keyboard, volume range keys, windows with two banners and coin reject button are in the central part. Thickening with horizontal slot for coins is on the keyframe top. Two elliptical speakers are mounted to the right and left of the panel under the grid. Two round knobs for shifting the frames with cards are on the lateral sides. Coins reject square niche with screen is on the case left bottom side. Two apertures for wall mounting are on the case rear side.

    The remote control unit is connected to the juke-box via transmission channel. To listen to one or several tunes, a person should drop the appropriate number of coins into the slot; enter the melody codes on the keyboard, following the instructions displayed on the banner. After this, the juke-box selection mechanism will find the required record, put it on the disc and start playing. The music sounds through the built-in loudspeakers.