Juke-box "Seeburg Discotheque EPFEA 1"

    Juke-box "Seeburg Discotheque EPFEA 1"

    USA, Chicago, Illinois


    Seeburg Corporation

    Wood, metal, plastic, glass, paper; manufacturing, electrical work

    129 x 103 x 63 cm, 180 cm

    On the nameplate: “SEEBURG STEREO PHONOGRAPH”; “160 SELECTIONS”; “MODEL EPFEA1UQ – 76 – H5”; “SERIAL No. 233494”; “VOLTS 235 HERTZ 50”; “WATTS STANDBY 150 OPERATING 250”; “AMPS STANDBY 1.1 OPERATING 1.6”; “THE SEEBURG CORPORATION CHICAGO. ILLINOIS 60622. U.S.A.”; instructions on additional equipment usage and USA patent numbers. On the banner near coin selector slot: “PIÉCE de MONNAIE 5 FR. MAX 70 FR.”; on the banner to the left side from the keyboard: “LP SELECTION: Une Face 2x5 Franc Deux Faces 3x5 Franc”; “DISQUES SIMPLES: 5 Franc 2 sélections”. On the remote control panel: “VOLUME INCREASE DECREASE”, “REJECT”, “SEEBURG”, “SER. NO. 2346 PRVC2


    Jukebox in housed rectangular case made of dark gray laminated wood chipboards. Two horizontal panels in narrow polished metal frames are on the façade. Multicolor stylized image of the evening street with glowing signs on the buildings is on the upper plexiglas panel. The dances’ titles are written on these signs. The bottom panel is comprised of two hinged doors, closed with metal braided grid and fastened with rectangular padlock with the company name and a crown image. The stereo system subwoofer speakers are mounted on the doors inner surface. Polished metal formation with horizontal panel of the tunes list and selection keyboard, coin slot and a reject button, rectangular windows with informational banners are on the case top side. The panel with list of tunes consists of five pairs of sections, set at an angle to each other, with eight cells each. Totally, the list contains 160 tunes titles. Narrow banner with the code of the record that is being played is displayed along the rear panel. The inscription “SELECTION NOW PLAYING” is above. The panel is covered by a concave transparent window in metal frame. The tunes selection keyboard consists of three groups of keys. Two groups of ten, denoted by Latin letters from A to V, and eight numeric keys. A code of letters and numbers is assigned to each tune. The reset key “RELEASE” is on the left-hand side. A console with a group of six loudspeakers covered with a woven metal mesh with the nameplate “Multi – Channel Stereo" continues the case rear side. A panel with multi-colored stylized inscription “SEEBURG DISCOTHÈQUE” on the background of night-lights and silhouettes of houses is beneath.

    On the side walls there are The upper frame locks and skew angular images of the night streets. Coin selector lid and niche for the reject coins are on the right side. Green manufactory nameplate, the inscription “SEEBURG DISCOTHÈQUE”, volume control, melody skip key, power switch, additional activating button and power cord are on the rear side.

    Eighty 45-rpm records of 175 mm diameter are inserted into the horizontal storage cells. To listen to the melody, you need to drop coins into the slot of the coin slot and type the codes of the selected tunes on the keyboard. After that, the carriage begins to move along the row of records in the storage until the selected one is found. When the record is loaded into the player with vertical disc and tonearm and playing back begins. At the end, the record returns to its cell, and the carriage rises to its farthest position. The device is equipped with cable remote volume and tune skipping control. Music media: 45-rpm gramophone records of 175 mm diameter.