Juke-box control unit “Wurlitzer 1015”

    Juke-box control unit “Wurlitzer 1015”

    USA, North Tonawanda (NY)


    Rudolph Wurlitzer Company

    Wood, metal, glass, plastic, fabric; manufacturing, electrical works

    151 х 84 x 62 cm

    On onlay: “WURLITZER”, “Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.”; on the plates: “25 ¢”, “10 ¢”, 5 ¢”. “MAKE SELECTION”. Above the nameplate: “2063576”. On the nameplate: “WURLITZER”, “MULTI-SELECTOR PHONOGRAPH”, “REG. US PAT. OFFICE”, “MANUFACTURED BY”, “THE RUDOLPH WURLITZER COMPANY ”, “NORTH TONAWANDA N.Y. U.S.A.”, “UNDER ONE OR MORE OF THE FOLLOWING PATENTS”, list of 42 license numbers; “IMPUT 115 VOLTS 60 CYCLES”, “PHONO IMPUT 500 WATTS”, “MAXIMUM INPUT 715 WATTS”, ...”MODEL 1015”, ...“SERIAL No. 2063576”. Near level keys: “LIGHTS”, “AUTOMATIC”, “MANUAL”, “LINE SWITCH”, “ON”, “OFF”. On slot meter: “24740”


    Juke-box “Wurlitzer 1015”, one of the most popular in the US called the “Bubbler”, is housed in wooden case, on cast pedestal with round feet and movable supports, figured metal parts on the door and lateral sides and a rounded top. Swing door with lock, ornated with multicoloured plastic decorative elements of cylindrical and arc-shaped form with dynamic illumination and the effect of running bubbles, decorative grid with leaves and red colour medallion with eight-pointed golden star is on the case front side. Three coin selectors’ slots accepting coins of 25, 10, 5 cents, with the labels in the windows: "25¢", "10¢", “5¢", "WURLITZER", "Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." are above. Red reject button is on the left-hand side. Green colour label with the inscription "MAKE SELECTION" is on the right-hand side. Coins return tray is beneath.

    The door is tightened with brocade from the inner side. Panel with file of tunes behind the glazed windows and selection buttons with yellow and red numbers are in the case upper part. Tray stack with 24 records (with rotation speed 78 rpm) is mounted behind the glass at the back. The trays are marked with red and blue numbers. Tray moving mechanism is under the lambrequin with yellow fringe. The tonearm is above. Turntable shaft with the disc on which a record lies, is on the right. Power supply unit, tube amplifier, turntable mechanism, tunes meter and coin selector are in the case bottom part. The tweeter is on the reclining panel. Label with the manufacturer's data, the list of patents and technical specifications are on the rear side upper part. Label with the license information is below. Below are two square apertures, tightened with metal mesh, a cable outlet with a bipolar plug, two toggle switches: one for switching the lights systems into automatic or manual mode, the second - to turn on / off the voltage with the inscription. Removable panel with oval slots covers the central part of the rear side.

    To play back the record, one should turn on the machine. Simultaneously dynamic lighting system and running bubbles are activated. Then 5, 10 or 25 cents coin should be inserted, the sign "MAKE SELECTION" lights up, and you select a tune by pressing the button with the corresponding tune number. The selection mechanism pushes the record out of the stack, the turntable shaft brings the selected record to the tonearm, the needle descends on the record and the melody sounds. Musical media: gramophone record.