Juke-box control unit “AMI WQ - 200”

    Juke-box control unit “AMI WQ - 200”



    Automatic Musical Instruments Co

    Metal, paper, plastic; manufacturing, electrical works

    23 х 19 х 40 cm, 15 kg

    Inscriptions on the banners: “DEPOSIT COIN MAKE SELECTIONS WHILE “SELECT” LIGHT IS ON”, “ONE PLAY Dime or Two Nickels THREE PLAYS Quarter”. On the nameplate on the chassis: “MODEL WQ – 200 SERIAL NO. 161839”, “STAND BY 4 WATTS SELECT 47 WATTS”, “AMI INCORPORATED GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., U.S.A.”. On the panel in front of the pages: “TURN PAGES FOR COMPLETE PROGRAM”. “AMI”, “SELECT”, “WAIT”



      Juke-box is in cast chrome-plated metal case of complicated shape, consisting of two vertical chassis connected by loops. The lock on the right side fixes two chassis together. The tunes selector is mounted in the front compartment; the coin selector is in the back one. Semicircular transparent window, closing the dispenser with metal pages, into which the cards with the tunes names are inserted, is on the front side. Pages are flipped with the help of levers above the window. 200 cards are homed on nine moving and two fixed pages.

    Vertical rows of red and white selection keys, ten on each side, are on the window right and left sides. Inscription "AMI music" and coins reject button are beneath the window on the protruding part of the case. Coin selection slot, red key and two rectangular banners are on the case top. The instructions for choosing a tune are written on one banner, and the terms of payment – are on the other.

    Coin reject tray is on the case left-hand side. Two apertures for wall mounting are on the rear side .The selector is connected to the jukebox "AMI Continental 2" using a four-wire communication line. To listen the tune, you should insert 10 or 25 cents coin into the slot and press the key next to it. While the light is on, you find the page with the desired song and press the key in front of it. After that, the selection mechanism in the jukebox will find the required record, put it on the disc and start the playback.