Gramophone with horn, sound box and crank

    Gramophone with horn, sound box and crank

    Great Britain, Hayes, Middlesex

    The 1910s

    The Gramophone Company Ltd

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, mica, cloth; casting, woodwork, mechanical work, stamping, colouring

    36 (89) x 41 x 41 cm, horn: height 76 cm, diameter 65 cm

    On the label: "THE BEST TALKING MACHINE", "TRADE MARK", "PRECIS", "SECOND TO NONE", on the lateral bolster: "3 A60339", on the disc rear side: "4"


    The gramophone, designed to play records, is mounted in wooden mahogany veneered case, on protruding stepped profiled base, with protruding moulding and vertical wooden fluted columns with silvery capitals inserted in cut-outs on metal bases.

    Goldish cast mascaron shaped onlays are on the front and side panels. Nickel-plated ornately shaped cast bracket with tone-arm, sound –box with needle and stamped metal horn with relief surface in the form of a blue flower with goldish threads. Cast spring-loaded disc for records, covered with green cloth; the scale with numerals from 70 to 100 (rotations per minute) every fifth division and with a hand on round metal plate is fixed on the top panel to the left. The disc brake lever and a circular plate with the inscriptions "THE BEST TALKING MACHINE", the trademark in the form of a lying lion and moto "PRECIS", "SECOND TO NONE" are to the right. An aperture for the spring winding crank with metal onlay is on the right lateral panel. The gramophone mechanism with two-spring motor is mounted on the top panel inner side, thrown back by a button. The needle holder is fixed in conical supports between adjustment screws in the sound box casing bottom part. The unmarked sound box is connected to the horn via cylindrical U-tube and a straight conical tone-arm via the lateral bolster with the number "3 A60339". When the record is placed on the disc, the spring is wound and the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the sound track, transmitting mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm, which converts them into sound that is amplified by the horn.
    The horn, sound box and winding crank are in the set. Musical storage: gramophone record.