Gramophone "Pathé Concert"

    Gramophone "Pathé Concert"

    France, Paris


    Compagnie générale de phonographes, cinématographes et appareils de précision Pathé

    Metal, wood, fabric, rubber; mechanical and carpentry work, carving, casting

    43 x 60 x 53 cm; horn 43 x 88 x 101 cm

    On diaphragm and box rear side: “REPRODUCTEUR POUR DISQUES”, “PATHÉ”, MADE IN FRANCE” “Pathé Concert”, “3087”


    Gramophone designed to reproduce recordings from Pathé music media, is housed in mahogany case on a profile stand with carved ornament of beads and laurel leaves, with oval medallions on the lateral panels and cornice with ovoid carvings. Ornately shaped cast black color bar with goldish embossed ornament, with tone arm, sound box with needle and light brown metal horn is mounted on the rear panel. Spring driven disc for a record covered with green cloth is on the upper panel. The spring winding crank arched metal plate - a scale with numbers from 90 to 135 (rpm), speed control knob with an arrow, the mechanism activating lever and a nameplate with the gramophone brand name are on the right lateral side. The cantilever is fixed in conical supports between the control screws in the sound box lower part with the inscriptions on the diaphragm and on the box rear side. The sound box is connected to the horn via cylindrical C-shaped sound duct by red rubber tube. When the Pathé record is installed on the disc, the spring is winded and the mechanism is activated, the needle starts moving along the sound track of the record, transfers mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm, which converts them into sound amplified by the horn. Music media: Pathé record.