Gramophone “Maestrophone No127”

    Gramophone “Maestrophone No127”

    Switzerland, Sainte Croix


    Paillard & Co

    Wood, metal, fabric, steel; carpentry and mechanical work, carving, casting

    96 x 85 x 66 cm, 23 kg

    On sound box front side: “D.R.P. 471508 British Patent 273308 + Patent 727817 USA Patent Ang.”; on the rear side: “Reinert/ SWISS MADE” and trademark in the form of two letters R, separated by the integral symbol


    Gramophone mechanism is mounted on wooden panel and fixed in rectangular lacquered case made of fine wood with wide curved plinth, decorated with carved ornament in the shape of palmettes and pearls. The corners are decorated with fluted pilasters. Rectangular panels framed with carving are inserted on lateral sides. Cast ornately shaped tonearm and horn bracket is screwed to the case rear. Cast disk with polished rim, covered with green fabric is in the top panel center. Brake motion lever is in front of the disc to the left, and disc rotation speed controller with indication arrow and scale graduated from 60 to 100 rpm to the right. Cone-shaped tonearm rotates and moves vertically along the bracket bolster, leaning on stationary shaft. The tonearm movements are independent from the horn. Sound box connecting pipe of the Swiss company “Reinert” is inserted in the tonearm leading end. The horn is made of thin drop forged metal sectors. The horn external surface is painted red; the sectors’ edges are highlighted with goldish paint. The inner surface is yellow. The crank is in the set.