Portable gramophone HMV ‘Model 102”

    Portable gramophone HMV ‘Model 102”

    England, Middlesex, Hayes


    The Gramophone Company Ltd

    Wood, steel, bronze, fabrikoid, woollen cloth; carpentry and mechanical work, chrome plating, nickel plating, presswork

    41 x 28.5 x 15.5 cm

    The manufacturer trademark – the image of a dog near gramophone is on the lid inner side, the inscription is above: “His Master’s Voice”; below: “The Gramophone Company Ltd. Hayes, Middlesex”. On the auto-stop nameplate: “AUTO BRAKE/OFF/ON”, on the speed controller nameplate: “SLOW/FAST/78”. On round nameplate under the turntable: “MODEL 102/QUOTE No 102024616/IN CORRESPONDENCE CONSERNING THIS MACHINE”


    Gramophone is mounted in small suitcase-shaped wooden case covered with green fabrikoid, stabilized with metal corners. The case hinged lid with latch is fixed in open position by the locking bar. Carrying handle is fixed on the case lateral side. Swivel sector-like container for gramophone needles is in the right front corner. Square panel with the trademark image is fixed on the lid inner side.
    Main plate, on which all gramophone units are mounted, is inside the case. A spring motor with protruding arbor, on which a disk is spindled, is on the panel bottom part. Presswork turntable with polished rim is pasted with woollen cloth on the top. The crank that fits into the slot on the case right side winds the motor spring. Speed controller with the scale is in front of the turntable, the lever break is behind it to the left. Auto-stop mechanism with activating lever is behind it to the right. The S-shaped tube-shaped tonearm with a sound box on the turning bend is in the far right corner of the plate. Aluminum diaphragm is fixed on the box metal base and covered with chrome-plated slotted lid. The needle is fixed in the holder by a knurled screw. On the base of the tonearm is A lever that turns the auto-stop mechanism is installed on the tonearm. The hidden gramophone horn is located under the panel. The sound is output from ornately shaped window in the panel rear part. In non-operating position the tonearm is embedded inside the window, winding crank is held up by the brackets in the case lid lower part. Chrome-plated sector-like tray for storing records without envelopes is in the set. During transportation, the tray is mounted on the turntable and fixed with two pins on the plate; the tray inner surface is covered with green woollen cloth.