Portable gramophone “Molot”

    Portable gramophone “Molot”


    The 1950s

    “Molot” plant

    Wood, steel, fabrikoid, plastic; carpentry and mechanical work, chrome plating

    36 x 29 x 16.2 cm

    The gramophone model name is pained in gold on the lid inner side, in Cyrillic: “Молот”. On the brake nameplate: “МЕДЛЕН./78/БЫСТРО”; on the sound box: “Завод МОЛОТ”


    Gramophone “Molot” is mounted in wooden case in the form of small suitcase, covered with dark blue fabrikoid. The case hinged lid with latch is fixed in open position by the abutment bar. Metal shelf for records that are tightened by spring-loaded arch is on the lid inner side. Carrying handle is on the case lateral side. Swivel sector-like container for gramophone needles is in the right front corner. The main plate, on which the turntable and its driving device are mounted, is fixed inside the case. Spring motor with protruding arbor, on which a disk is spindled, is on the panel bottom part. Presswork turntable, with polished rim and woollen covering of the same color as the case, is fixed on arbor by ornately shaped slot washer. The built-in crank on the case right side winds the spring motor.

    Brake controller with the nameplate is near the turntable behind the crank, the speed controller with the scale is at the front to the left. Tapered tube-shaper tonearm with sound box on the turning bend is behind the panel to the right on the horn inlet flange. Aluminium diaphragm closed with chrome-plated slotted lid is united with the carbolite box base. The needle is fixed in the holder by a knurled screw. On the base of the tonearm is A lever that turns the auto-stop mechanism installed under the disc is on the tonearm base. The hidden gramophone horn is located under the panel with sound output from behind the panel. In non-operating position, the tonearm is embedded in the horn behind the panel.