Wood (mahogany), brass, felt; carving, casting

    61 х 75 х 83 cm, 11 kg

    On the nameplate: “Pathéphone № 12”, on the diaphragm: "REPRODUCTEUR POUR DISCUES”, “PATHÉ”, on the sound box rear side: “PATHÉ 156952 CONCERT REPRODUCTEUR Brte S.G.D.G. MADE IN FRANCE”


    Gramophone designed for playing back Pate music records, in mahogany case, on a profiled pedestal with carved ornaments from laurel leaves, with octagonal medallions and rosettes of flowers on the front and lateral panels and vertical ribs in the form of half-columns. Molded black bracket with tonearm, sound box with stylus and brass horn in the form of a flower are mounted on the rear panel. Disc for a record with spring drive, covered with green felt is on the top panel ornated with carved ornament and rosettes. A crank for the spring winding, an arc-shaped metal plate - a scale with numbers from 90 to 100 (rpm), speed control lever, an on/off button, a nameplate with the gramophone mark are on the right hand side panel. The cantilever is installed in conical supports between the adjusting screws in the sound box case bottom part; the inscriptions are on the diaphragm and the case rear side. The sound box is connected to the horn via a cylindrical c-shaped sound duct. After the Pate record is fixed on the disc, the spring winded and the mechanism is activated, the stylus moves along the sound track, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm that converts them in the sound, amplified by the horn. Music media: Pathe record.