Gramophone “Amour 7A”

    Gramophone “Amour 7A”

    Great Britain


    The Gramophone Company Ltd

    Wood (oak), metal, felt; milling, woodwork, varnishing

    34 x 52 x 43 cm

    On the trademark: "Gramophone”; on the diaphragm: “EXHIBITION Trade Mark The Gramophone CO LTD”; against the music stuff with violin clef, on the scale: “SLOW 78 FAST”


    Gramophone with built-in horn, designed to play back records at 78 rpm, housed in an oak wood case on four supports with a hinged lid, one latch and doors with handles on the front side. Décalquered images and inscriptions in vignettes are on the doors' and lids' inner surfaces: the model title "Amour 7A" is on the left hand side; the company trademark "Angel" (Writing Cupid) - on the right hand side and on the door. Covered with green felt disk is under the lid on the top panel; a scale with a lever for adjusting the disc rotation speed is to the right, a wooden insert with three notches for needles is on the rear left side. A crank for winding the spring is on the right lateral side. The doors should be open when the record is played. After the mechanism is activated the needle moves along the sound groove, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm that converts them in the sound amplified by the horn. Music media: gramophone record.