Bell gramophone

    Bell gramophone

    USA, Cleveland, Ohio


    Durable Phonograph Co. Inc.

    Metal, felt; decalcomania, casting, presswork, painting

    45 х 30 х 18 cm


    Gramophone is housed in black, bell-shaped metal case. The ribs of the case are decorated with narrow golden stripes. The manufacturer’s logo with the trademark in the form of yellow circle with the image of black bell, ribbons with the name of the device and the company inscribed in the lozenge is transferred on the lateral surfaces. A disc for the record, with a mustard-colored felt lining is mounted on the top panel A start / stop lever is on the left, and the speed adjusting slider in the lining with a scale marked “S 78 F” is on the right. The disk drive is spring-loaded; the spring winding crank is located in a slot on the right side surface. It moves horizontally. Black tone arm with horizontal sound box, diaphragm and needle is connected to the horn. The horn consisting of an L - shaped sound duct and horn is inside the case. The cantilever with the needle screw is located on the sound box lateral side. After the spring is winded and the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the sound track of the record, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm, which converts them into sound, amplified by the horn. Music media: gramophone record.