Tour-Eiffel shade-lamp gramophone

    Tour-Eiffel shade-lamp gramophone

    Austria, Bregenz, South Tyrol

    Circa 1910

    J. Prantner Musikhaus

    Mahogany, wood, metal, fabric, glass; wood carving, sewing

    68 x 62 x 180 cm, 10 kg


    Original integrated gramophone device built in the floor lamp that consists of a gramophone case with covered with navy felt disk for the record, spring drive, tonearm with a sound box and a needle, a horn directed downwards, mounted on a profiled base on four feet with curved upper part. The horn is comprised of four facets, ending with arches. It rests on the upper part of the base; total construction resembles the Eiffel Tower. Wooden brackets with decorative elements, with built-in incandescent lamps and white wooden with silk lining lampshade are on both side panels. The lampshade is decorated with floral pattern, braid and fringe, it is fixed on swivel bindings, and folds back to give access to the mechanism. Metal bracket is attached to the case right side to support the tonearm in non-operating position. A crank for the spring winding, a pin for turning on/off the mechanism and a trade house nameplate are on the front panel. Lever for switching the illumination is on the rear side.
    The power cord output is under the base. The sound box with the needle is connected with the horn via curved cylindrical sound duct. After a record is put on the disc, the spring is winded, the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the sound track, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm that converts them into sound, amplified by the horn.
    Music media: gramophone record.