Portable gramophone model “HMV 460 Lumiére”

    Portable gramophone model “HMV 460 Lumiére”

    Great Britain


    L. J. Lumière, The Gramophone Company, Ltd.

    Wood (mahogany), metal, paper, felt; casting, stamping, woodwork, varnishing

    42 x 26 x 56 cm

    Trademarks: “His Master’s Voice”, “The Gramophone Company Ltd”


    Gramophone for playing back the records, in wooden case with a hinged lid, a lock and a plunger pin. The trademark and manufacturer’s name are décalquered on the lid inner surface. The trademark "His Master's Voice" is formed by an image of a dog sitting in front of the phonograph horn in the frame comprised of inscriptions. A crank for the spring winding is on the right side of the case. Covered with brown cloth disc is under the lid. Two notches for needles are on the left side, start / stop and the speed rotation adjustment lever is on the right side. A bracket with a tonearm is behind the disc. A frame with corrugated paper diffuser of golden color is in it end. A cantilever with the needle fixing screw is located at the bottom of the diffuser. When the movement is activated, the needle moves along the sound groove, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diffuser, which converts them into sound. The difference between this model and traditional designs: a bulky speaker was substituted for a compact, nearly flat diffuser invented by Louis Jean Lumière (1864-1948), US patents: No. 505146 - dated June 30, 1909, 551638 - dated March 26, 1910, 1198464 A - dated November 13, 1917. Music media: gramophone record.