Wood (walnut, mahogany), metal, felt

    54 x 49 x 36 cm, 16 кg

    On the case: “Pathé Discs Play without Needles”, on the trade mark: “New Orpheus” “Pathé”, “REGD TRADE MARK”, on the diaphragm: "DISC REPRODUCTER”, “PATHÉ”, “Patented”, “THE MULTITONE”, on the diaphragm of exchangeable sound box: “Beltona No. 4”, “REGISTERED TRADE MARK”, “LONDON&MELBOURNE”, “BRITISH MANUFACTURE”


    Gramophone with built-in horn in wooden case on profiled pedestal, with a hinged lid, two doors and the mechanism on/off lever on the front side. A vignette with an Image of a discus thrower with a record instead of a disc on the background of the globe with an inscription on the band is on the lid inner side. Covered with green felt disk for a record with a spring drive is on the top panel. A scale with digits "80 85 90", a speed control knob, and a crank for the spring winding are on the right lateral panel.

    The cantilever of the sapphire stylus is installed in the conical supports between the adjusting screws in the sound box bottom part with the inscriptions on the diaphragm.

    The sound box is connected to the horn via cylindrical sound duct mounted on the top panel. The trademark is transferred on the horn inner side. There is an exchangeable sound box with a steel needle, designed to play gramophone records. After installing the Pate record on the disc, spring winding and activating the mechanism, the stylus moves along the sound groove the center to the edge, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm, which converts them into a sound amplified by the horn with the doors open. To play gramophone records from edge to center, one need to replace the sound box.

    Music media: Pathe record, gramophone record.