Portable gramophone model "Graphonette"

    Portable gramophone model "Graphonette"




    Wood (birch), metal, leather; casting, milling

    21x15x8 cm

    “Trade Mark SWISS MADE"; on the sound box : “SONATA Registered № 44481”, “Made in Switzerland”, on the scale “Lento 80 Presto Stop”


    Gramophone for playing back records in wooden case (birch) in the form of a suitcase, consisting of a base with a leather-carrying handle and a lid on piano hinges with a lock. The suitcase external surface is coloured with dark brown paint; its internal surface is coloured with dark red varnish. Onlay with an aperture for a crank, a scale with graduations, inscriptions, indicating arrow, knurled start / stop crown for disc speed control. Record disc, covered with a red felt, a tonearm with a sound box and a crank for the spring winding are fixed it particular places inside the case. A horn in the form of a wooden box with manufacturer's logo is on the lid inner side. The logo is formed by a red circle with white edging, a cross and an anchor over its background and inscriptions. When the mechanism is activated the needle moves along the record sound groove, that transmits mechanical vibrations to the membrane, which converts them into sound that is amplified by the horn. Music media: gramophone record.