Portable gramophone “Columbia No113a”

    Portable gramophone “Columbia No113a”

    Great Britain, London


    Columbia Graphophone Co.

    Wood, steel, fabrikoid, bronze, velour; mechanical and carpentry work, polishing, varnishing

    34 x 21 x 45 cm; 20 kg


    Brand name mark in the form of a circle with the image of two tied notes and the inscription "Columbia" inside, surrounded by a wreath of leaves and horizontally located ribbon with the inscription: "Viva - tonal/Grafonola" is on the lid inner side. On the plate: “PROTECTED BY PATENTS IN GREAT BRITAIN AND VARIOS OTHER COUNTRIES/COLUMBIA GRAPHOPHONE COMPANY LTD/LONDON. E.C.I.”, on speed control nameplate: “SLOW/FAST”. On sound comb: “ REG.US.PAT.OFF/MADE IN U.S.A” (in two places), “COLUMBIA”, brand name mark in the form of a circle with the image of two tied notes and the inscription "Columbia" inside. The gramophone is mounted in wooden case in the form of a suitcase with carrying handle on the lateral side. The case is covered with gray baby alligator Fabrikoid. The case lid is hinged, can be locked with two suitcase locks. Two brass sectors are used to fix lid in the open position, the spring-released brake clamps it. A compartment with two compartments for storing records is inside the lid. Wooden lacquered panel with the brand name and the model number covers it. The panel is closed by latch. Mounting panel, on which all units of the gramophone are fixed is inside the case. Spring engine with brought out upwards spindle, on which a turntable is skewered is on the panel bottom side. The turntable is molded, with polished rim; its top is pasted over with gray velour. A crank that is on the case front side winds the spring engine. In non-operating position, the crank is retracted into the special cavity. Speed control lever with the scale is in front of the turntable to the left, the lever brake is behind it. Tonearm in the form of zigzag conical tube with sound box on swivel elbow is in the front right panel corner. Aluminum membrane is housed within amortized round brass box, closed by the cover with ornately shaped slots. The needle is fastened to the cantilever by a knurled screw. The pin that turns the automatic stop mechanism electric connector is fixed on the tonearm base. The hidden extensible horn of the gramophone is located under mounting plate. The sound escapes from ornately shaped window in the plate rear part. In non-operating position, the spring clip fixes the tonearm. Roundry needle cup covered with spring-loaded lid is in the front left corner of the mounting panel. All external metal parts of the gramophone are brass, polished and varnished. The American company Columbia produced the gramophone «Model 113A» since 1928, for sale in Great Britain. The gramophone was equipped with sound box No. 15 “Viva - tonal”, which along with the hidden extensible horn provided very high quality sounding. Music media: gramophone record with rotation speed of 78 rpm.