Gramophone “Pathéphone No 1 “Jeunesse”

    Gramophone “Pathéphone No 1 “Jeunesse”



    Metal (aluminum, steel, cast iron), wood (oak), fabric; casting, welding, polishing, varnishing

    39 x 26 x 34 cm, 3.5 kg

    On the nameplate: “Pathéphone 1”, on the plate: “ARRET”, “MARCHE”. On the label: “164”. On the diaphragm: “REPRODUCTEUR POUR DISCUES”, “PATHÉ”. On the sound box rear side: “PATHÉ REPRODUCTEUR Brte S.G.D.G.”


    Gramophone with a built-in horn is placed in oak wood case on a profiled base. A nameplate and polished aluminum horn mouth are on the front panel. Disc for Pathe record with spring-drive, covered with burgundy-colored fabric is on the top panel. A crank for the spring winding with white round sticker with numbers and speed adjustment lever in the metal plate slot are on the right lateral panel.

    The cantilever is mounted in conical supports between the adjusting screws on the sound box housing lower part with inscriptions on the diaphragm and the box rear side. The sound box through a cylindrical L-shaped sound guide is connected to the vertical part of a horn bent at a right angle and attached to the body through a flange. The horn central part is conical, painted with red-brown paint.

    After installing, the Pathe record on the disk, winding the spring and activating the mechanism, the needle moves along the sound track of the record, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm, which converts them into sound, amplified by the horn.

    Music media: Pathe record.