Portable gramophone “Druzhba” (Friendship)

    Portable gramophone “Druzhba” (Friendship)

    USSR, Leningrad

    The 1950s

    The Leningrad gramophone plant

    Wood, steel, leatherette, rubber, bronze; mechanical and carpentry work, chrome plating

    41 x 29 x 15 cm

    Manufacturer's logo - the image of The Summer Garden lattice and inscription in Cyrillic are on the lid inner surface. The image of blue ribbon with golden inscription in Cyrillic is on the case lateral side. Inscriptions in Cyrillic are on the brake unit nameplate and on the speed control indicator. The plant logo is on sound box.


    The gramophone model "ПГ-54" is mounted in wooden case in the form of covered with light brown leatherette suitcase. The case hinged lid with latch is fixed in open position by the abutment bar. Carrying handle is fixed on the case lateral side. Rotating sectoral container for gramophone needles is fitted in the right front rake. Metal shelf for records with wire plunger pin is inside the lid.

    All gramophone units are fixed on structural panel inside the case. Spring motor with the expanded upwards spindle, on which the disc is caped, is on the panel bottom side. Presswork turntable with polished rim and rubber onlay is fixed on the spindle with ornately shaped slot washer. The crank for winding the spring is on the case right lateral side. In the non-operative position, the crank is lifted up. Brake control lever is located near the turntable to the right; speed control lever with indicator is to the left Tonearm is in the form of a tapered tube with sound box on the turning bend. Aluminum diaphragm is fixed on the box carbolite base and covered with chrome-plated slotted lid. The needle is fixed in the holder by a knurled screw. A lever that turns automatic shutoff mechanism that is mounted under the turnable disc is fixed on the tone arm base. The hidden gramophone horn is located under the panel with sound output from behind the panel. In non-operating position the tonearm is embedded in the horn behind the panel.