Grammophone "Pathé n° 10"

    Grammophone "Pathé n° 10"



    Mahogany, metal, felt; varnishing, polishing, casting, mechanical work and carpentry

    Case 38 x 48 x 37 cm, horn 53 x 56 cm, 10 kg

    On the horn and sound box inner side “Pathé”, on speed control regulator: “MAS DEPRISA/MAS DESPACIO” (faster/slower)


    Gramophone is set in rectangular polished mahogany case, with angled cannulated pilasters on wide plinth with low angled feet. The disc for a record on rotating arbour is fixed on the top panel. The upper side of the cast steel disc is pasted over with green felt. Speed control lever with indicator and plate with the inscriptions in Spanish is to the left side of the disc, the lever lock is to the right side. Cast ornately shaped bracket of the horn and tone arm is screwed to the back panel by two butterfly-nuts. The sound box is connected with the tone arm by the “continental” fitting.

    Round steel with straight degree angled crossover tube, sound comb consists of mica diaphragm and stylus bar with screw. The stylus bar is fixed pivotally. The diaphragm is bezel pressed. Conical tone arm is pivotally connected with metal tube overpassing into wooden varnished horn.

    The disc is driven by the spring engine. The spring is winded by the crank, which is inserted in the socket on the case right side. The average speed is 78 rpm. The controller is provided for changing the speed.

    Winding crank is in the set.