The 1910-1920s

    Deutsche Grammophon

    Metal, wood (oak), mica, felt; casting, painting, carpentry and mechanical works

    85 x 44 x 45 cm, 10 kg


    Gramophone motor  is mounted in oak rectangular vanished case with wide concaved plinth and corner channelled pilasters. Lateral  sides are decorated with convex metal  rosettes; rhombus-shaped intarsia of multi color veneer with inserted quadrifoil is on the   front and left sides. Disk on rotating axle is mounted on the top panel.  Cast steel nickel-plated disk with polished rim is pasted with green felt. Lever-type stopper is on the disc left-hand side. Speed control regulator with the scale and indicator is on the right-hand side. Curved polished horn bracket and tonearm is mounted at the case the case rear side. Diaphragm is pressed by brass ring and four screws. The tonearm is connected with the horn by a hinge. The disk is driven by a spring motor. The spring is winded by the crank, which is inserted in the hole on the case right side. The average disk rotation speed is 78 rpm. A regulator is provided to change the speed. The crank is in the set.