Phonolamp (Gramophone build-in the lamp) "Capitol EA"

    Phonolamp (Gramophone build-in the lamp) "Capitol EA"

    USA, Indiana Harbor


    Burns-Pollock Electric Manufacturing Company

    Metal, fabric (silk, felt); casting, sewing

    60 x 60 x 95 cm, 40 kg


    Gramophone with covered with green felt disc for the record, electric motor; tonearm with a sound box with a needle and horn is mounted in the case of a table lamp with Bordeaux lampshade. The lampshade is decorated with a cord, braid and fringe. The lamp stand is ornamented in the Art Nouveau style, rests on three pillars in the form of lions' paws. A socle with an incandescent bulb is on the top panel on the left from the disk. The rotary speed control knob is on the right side, two bulbs and two chains for switching on/off the mechanism and illumination and a power cord in a fabric braid with a bipolar alimentation plug are under the panel. The upper panel is covered by a part of the lampshade, which folds back when the button is pressed. Sound box with the needle is connected to the horn directed downwards and located inside the lamp base via curved cylindrical sound duct. When a record is mounted on the disc, the spring is winded, the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the sound track, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm that converts them into sound, amplified by the horn.

    The integrated device "Combined lamp and phonograph" is patented by ANTHONY J. BURNS, President of Burns-Pollock Electric Manufacturing Company, patents US 46090821A of 04.12.1921, US 1438631A of 12/12/1922. Trademark Capitol was registered on March 7, 1922. Ser. No. 153712 of October 4, 1921.