Great Britain

    circa 1910

    Wood, brass, leather, velvet

    58 х 70 х 84 cm, 7 kg

    On the tpo surface of the body frame metal plate "S. A. Smith Dander House Fisherton Street Salisbury"


    Wooden rectangular case veneered with walnut, with a hinged top cover and a lock, on four hemispherical feet on a shaped base, that is ionically decorated with ornamental motifs and relief "pearls".

    The upper surface perimeter of the case is decorated with "pearls". A gramophone disc is mounted on the top. There is a lever "start" and "stop" as well. A casted curly bracket with floral ornament is on the back side of the case. The tonarm, the acoustic pickup head with a needle and a trumpet are fixed on it. A metal flower-shaped trumpet with eleven "petals" is painted in light green colour. The edges of the "petals" are embellished green semicircles. The "petals" are separated by the Golden brown lines. The spring mechanism is winded up with a special handle on the right side of the case. After the movement is started, the disc with a fixed record begins to rotate it, gramophone needle moves along the sound track record and transmits vibrations of the membrane to the horn.