Wood, metal, artificial leather, fabric; casting, presswork

    36 х 42 х 16 cm, 5 kg

    On the stamp: "Continental registered design" and letters "FAF" in rectangle. On the sticker: "The New Zealand Shipping Co. Ltd.", "CABIN", "Vessel RMS RANG TO Date Jan 21st 54", "Passenger's Name MRS F COOPER". On the scale: "- 78 +". On the sound box: "FAF" in rectangle


    Portable gramophone intended for playing recordings from gramophone records at 78 rpm is placed in a wooden case covered with embossed artificial brown leather, with a hinged lid with lock and leather carrying handle.

    Transport company stickers with typographical and handwritten inscriptions are on the lid. Stamp with the inscription is on the lid inner side. Onlay with a spring winding crank and a niche for the case with needles are on the side panel. Covered with Bordeaux velvet disc for a record is under the lid, a scale, disc speed rotation adjusting lever and a handle fastening are on the right side, the mechanism activating handle is on the left side. A tonearm with a sound box and a needle is inserted into the flange on the horn integrated into the body.

    Before playing the record, it is necessary to install the tonearm, wind the spring with the crank, put the record on the disc, turn on the engine, lower the needle onto the record opening groove, and the recorded melody will sound.

    Music carrier: gramophone record.