Gramophone (disc phonograph) “Edison Diamond Disc C 19”

    Gramophone (disc phonograph) “Edison Diamond Disc C 19”

    USA, Orange


    Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated

    Mahogany, metal, brass, steel, fabric, cardboard; casting, carpentry, lathing, painting, varnishing, decalcomania

    60 х 62 х 131 cm, 39 kg

    Brand mark on the chassis: ”TRADE MARK THOMAS A EDISON”. Brand mark on the nameplate: ”TRADE MARK THOMAS A EDISON”, “EDISON DISC PHONOGRAPH”, Patented, dates of the patents from November 17, 1903 to May 23, 1916, THOMAS A. EDISON, INC., ORANGE, N.J., U.S.A.”, In the frame: “ C 19 SM 157546”. On the medallion: ”Diamond Disc Official Laboratory Model. Thos A Edison”


    Gramophone in polished cantilevered case on swivel wheels made of mahogany. The case is decorated with carving on frieze and rectangular, expanding to the bottom, half-columns in the corners. An openwork lattice, covered with light fabric, and closing the hidden horn, closes the central part of the facade. Profound hinged lid covers the gramophone mechanism designed to play the discs recorded in the Edison hill-and-dale format "Diamond Disc". Mechanism with spring motor is mounted on cast metal panel. Covered with fabric disc is there. A plate, tonearm and levers are placed on it. Sound box with a horizontal membrane and a diamond needle is connected to the tonearm with a clamp. The peculiarity of the Edison system is that while playing a disc, the needle does not pull the tonearm, but the special mechanism rotates the tonearm along with the horn. A powerful two-spring engine provides continuous playback of the disc for five minutes or more. An aperture for the spring winding handle is in the case right side. A storage compartment for discs that is closed with a door with a lock is in the case bottom part. The compartment has two shelves with vertical individual numbered cells for the discs.
    The device "C 19 Chippendale" reffers to the most high quality and expensive models, produced by Edison from 1919 to 1927 years.


    Инв. 498/ММП