Portable Gramophones model 113A

    Portable Gramophones model 113A



    Columbia Grafonola

    Wood, brass, leather, velvet

    46 х 36 х 20 cm, 15 kg


    Rectangular wooden case of the gramophone is covered with black leather, designed as a suitcase, with a hinged cover and handle for carrying, with two locks. The gramophone is meant for playing records. There is a wooden, painted mahogany compartment records storage on the cover inner side with the latch. It is decorated by a center laurel wreath with a ribbon. There is an inscription on the ribbon: "Viva ~ tonal Grafonola. Columbia. Made in England No 113a" and a metal plaque with the inscription: "Protected by Patents in Great Britain and various other countries. COLUMBIA GRAPHOPHONE COMPANY Ltd. London ECI". The gramophone disc is installed inside the case. It is clothed with light gray velvet. The tonearm with the sound pick up head and a needle are fixed in the case right corner. On the left is a metal lever with a scale and marks «slow / fast» for fast and slow rotation of the disc is on the left. The recess for storing interchangeable needles is close to it. The horn is hidden inside the case behind the gramophone disc. The spring mechanism is winded up with a special handle on the front side of the body frame.
    When the mechanism is activated the disc with the fixed record begins to rotate, gramophone needle moves along the record sound track and transmits vibrations of the membrane to the horn.