Gramophone model "His Master's Voice № 4"

    Gramophone model "His Master's Voice № 4"

    Great Britain, Hayes, Middlesex


    The Gramophone Company Ltd

    Metal, wood, woolen cloth; mechanical and carpentry works, varnishing, electroplating

    34 x 18 x 34 cm, horn diameter 42 cm

    On the sound box rear side: “THE GRAMOPHONE Co LTD/HAYES, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND”. “HIS MASTER’S VOISE/ NO 4”; on speed control scale: “LANGSAM/78/SCHNELL


    The gramophone mechanism is mounted on the top panel of rectangular oak-varnished case with wide stepped convex plinth. Round aperture with onlay for the winding crank and top lid lock knob are on the case right side. Ornately shaped cast nickel-plated tonearm and horn bracket is screwed on the rear side. Brand name mark in the form of a dog sitting in front of a gramophone, realized in decalcomania technique is on the case front side. Cast disc with polished rim, covered with green woolen cloth is on the top panel center. Brake arm is in front of the disc to the left, disk rotation speed controller with the hand-pointer and scale is mounted on the right side. Tapered nickel-plated tonearm rotates in a bracket busher, resting on the fixed axle. The tonearm moves independently from the horn. The sound box with needle is mounted on the tonearm front swivel block. The varnished horn is comprised of narrow wooden sectors. Winding crank is in the set.
    Music media: gramophone record.