Gramophone "Pathé SALON No 5"

    Gramophone "Pathé SALON No 5"




    Wood, metal; casting, carpentry, turning, wood carving

    50 х 50 х 140 cm, 25 kg

    On the nameplate: "Pathé SALON No. 5"; on the membrane: "REPRODUCTEUR POUR DISCUES", "PATHÉ", "PATHÉ CONCERT"


    The gramophone in wooden case on a profiled base with carved ornaments in the form of Ionics and volutes and with a door on the right side. The case is standing on a rack in a form of a table with carved ornaments, on four turned legs. There is an aperture of a metal horn comprised of ten petals and a nameplate with the model name on the front panel. A shelf on a shaped support with a scale and a lever for adjusting the disc speed and a handle for winding the spring motor is installed inside the case. A disk for a record with a spring drive, covered with a green color cloth is on the shelf. The tonearm with a sound box and with a membrane and a needle is pivotally fixed to the rear wall of the case. The needle holder is installed in the conical supports between the adjusting screws in the bottom of the sound box case with the inscriptions on the membrane. After installing the Pathé record on the disk, the spring winding and switching on the mechanism, the needle moves along the sound track of the record, transmitting the mechanical vibrations to the membrane, which converts them into a sound strengthened by the horn. Music media: Pathé records.