Gramophone “Pathéphone No 4”

    Gramophone “Pathéphone No 4”




    Wood, metal, felt; carving

    44 х 33 х 33 cm

    On the nameplate: “Pathéphone № 4”. On onlay ribbons: “LES DIQUES PATHÉ CHANTENT SANS AIGUILLA”, “Marque de fábrique déposée”, on the diaphragm: ”REPRODUCTEUR POUR DISCUES”, “PATHÉ”


    Gramophone is placed in an oak wood case on a profiled base, with carved patterns. An image of a disco-ball with a record instead of a disk on the background of the globe with the inscriptions on ribbons is on the front panel. The on / off lever is above it. A spring driven disc for the record, covered with a cloth of green color, is on the top panel. On the right side panel are located: Speed adjustment screw head, the top panel button-lock, the spring winding crank and the nameplate are on the right lateral panel. The sapphire needle cantilever is mounted in conical supports between the adjusting screws in the sound box housing bottom part with inscriptions on the diaphragm. The sound box is connected to the horn in the form of white flower with gold veins is attached to the bracket via cylindrical C-shaped sound duct. Cast figured black bracket with a pattern is mounted on case rear side. After the Pathe plate is installed on the disk, the spring is winded and the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the sound track of the record from the center to the edge, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm membrane, which converts them into sound, amplified by the horn. Music media: Pathe record.