Nirona gramophone with sculpture of a boy

    Nirona gramophone with sculpture of a boy



    Nirona-Werke Nier & Ehmer, Beierfeld

    Ceramics, metal; casting, presswork

    33 х 29 х 52 cm, 7.5 kg


    Gramophone in cylindrical metal case with disk for a record, spring mechanism, a tonearm with a sound box with needle and a bell-shaped reflector. The gramophone is mounted on the base with a sculpture of a boy. The disk for a record is black with six round inserts of green colour. The scenes children’s life are depicted on the case lateral sides. A crank, an activating button and a bracket with the bell-shaped reflector are on the box lateral surface. After a record is installed on the disc and the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the sound track, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm, which converts them into sound reflected and amplified by the bell-shaped reflector typical of Nirona gramophones. Music media: gramophone record.