Peter Pan travelling gramophone with build-in alarm clock

    Peter Pan travelling gramophone with build-in alarm clock

    Great Britain (case and movement), Switzerland (case and sound box), France (clock)


    Peter Pan Gramophone Company Ltd; Peter Pan Constructeur è Montcharmont 

    Wood, leather, glass, metal,; casting, stamping

    10 x 18 x 22 cm, 3.5 кg

    On the nameplate: “PETER PAN “CLOCK” breveté S. G. D. G. et tous pays modèle déposé”, stylized letters on the front side of sound box: "РР", on the rear side : “PETER PAN breveté S. G. D. G. dans tous pays”, “FABRICATION SUISSE”


    Travelling gramophone with an alarm clock in wooden case covered with brown leather, with a hinged lid, two locks and a leather carrying handle. Two dials with black Arabic numerals are on the glazed white field in metal frame. Two crowns for hands transfer and clock spring winding are on the clock rear panel. Onlays with mechanism activating lever, an aperture for the spring winding crank, the alarm clock on/off button and speed adjustment regulator are on the side panel. The tonearm holder and the nameplate are fixed on the lid that is pasted up with black leather. The gramophone and clock movements are covered with a shelf on which the dismountable parts are placed. Music media: gramophone record.