Gramophone “Continental”

    Gramophone “Continental”


    The 1920s

    Metal, mahogany, felt; casting, wood carving, presswork

    32 x 32 x 18 cm

    On the diaphragm: “Continental”, “PARIS – BERLIN -WIEN – LONDON - WARSCHAU”, “Made in Germany”


    Gramophone for playing gramophone records in mahogany case on profiled base. The Ionic style carved ornament is on vertical ribs, laurel wreath shaped onlay and disc speed control knob are on the case front panel. Cast silver color bracket with tonearm, sound box with needle and metal horn are on the case rear side. The horn is comprised of a complex shape sound duct and horn the form of flower with embossed ornament of green, yellow and grey-green colors. Cantilever with control screw is on the sound box case bottom part. Inscriptions are on the diaphragm. Cast ornately shaped silver color bracket with the tonearm, sound box with needle and metal horn are on the rear panel. Disk for a record with spring drive, covered with green felt and lever brake are on the top panel. A crank for the spring winding is on the right lateral panel. When a gramophone record is on the disc, the mechanism is activated, the needle moves along the sound groove, transmits mechanical vibrations to the diaphragm, which converts them into sound amplified by the horn.
    The tonearm shape is typical for the Victor II gramophone model. Music media: gramophone record.