Gebruder Scharf Metallwahrenfabrik

    Wood, metal, plastic; carpentry and mechanical works, presswork, painting, casting

    40 x 40 x 60 cm, 10 kg

    On tonearm: "E.P.I.". On sound comb: “Goldring FOREIGN/SPECIAL-ELECTRO 24”


    The gramophone mechanism is mounted in rectangular varnished case of light color wood species with the stepped plinth on low square feet. Vertical ribs are decorated with carved elements. Inserts from tinted panels, decorated with arched onlays are fixed on the lateral sides. Round rimmed aperture for the winding crank and the knob for locking the hinged top panel are on the right lateral side. Cast ornately shaped bracket for tonearm and horn is screwed to the case rear side. Cast disc covered with green fabric is in the upper panel center. Brake motion lever is behind the disc on the right side. The disk rotation speed control knob is in the front right corner. Metal cup with felt inside is behind the disc on the left side. A stylus in non-operating position leans against it. Conical plastic tonearm rotates and moves vertically along the bracket bushing independent from the horn.

    The sound box “SPECIAL-ELECTRO 24” of “Goldring” brand is connected to the tonearm through rubber tube. Embossed image of crossed feathers with ribbon and oval shield with the Latin letters "E.P.I." between them is on the tonearm upper side. The horn is made of thin drop forged metal sectors and painted light green with gradient color, the sectors rims are highlighted with goldish paint. The horn is connected to the abutment sleeve by plastic angled bent. Winding crank is in the set.