Gramophone “PATHÉPHON” with sound box and winding crank

    Gramophone “PATHÉPHON” with sound box and winding crank


    Steel, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, wood, mica, cloth; mechanical and carpentry works, varnishing, casting, nickel-plating

    27 x 43.5 x 46.5 cm

    "PATHÉPHON/PARIS/MODEL 1920". On the engine mounting plate: "THORENS/SWISS-MADE" and the image of a Swiss cross with an anchor inside. On the speed controller nameplate: "PRESTO - LENTO"


    Gramophone mechanism is mounted in rectangular wooden case with angled plinth and corrugated moulding. The top panel is finished with clear varnish, the sides are painted red. The right-hand side is decorated with a silver-coloured cast onlay with mascaron; the aperture for winding crank is above. Two knurled rings and a paper sticker with the image of flowers are on the left-hand side. The case corners are hardened with brass strips. The front side is divided into two sections. The left one, framed with ribbed mouldings, serves as an opening for the internal horn, the right one is closed by the painted panel with the inscription “PATHÉPHON/PARIS/MODEL 1920”.

    The plywood pyramidal horn inner surface is painted black. The case stands on four low plastic feet. A spring motor with a THORENS centrifugal disc speed regulator is mounted on the top panel inner side.

    The stamped turntable of the gramophone with the polished rim, covered with red cloth is inserted on the motor spindle, which is sticking out from the aperture in the panel.

    Cast-iron tone-arm bracket, painted black is mounted on the panel far left corner. U-shaped sound box holder rotates in crossover bolster fixed on the tone-arm narrow end. A mica orifice is in the sound box circular casing; the needle-holder lever is fixed in the orifice center. The tapered nickel-plated tone-arm wide end, rotating in the bracket, protrudes in the inner horn. A disc rotation speed controller with the scale and explanatory notes in Italian is on the right-hand in front of the disc. A spring-loaded swivel disc brake is fixed on the right side. Two concealed needle cups for new and used needles are placed on the top panel available surface. The gramophone mechanism is crank-winded. The apparatus is designed for playing lateral-cut gramophone records.
    Winding crank and the sound box are in the set.