Gramophone "Pathé Olophone"

    Gramophone "Pathé Olophone"



    Pathé Frères

    Wood (oak), brass, felt; casting, decalcomania, presswork, varnishing

    54 x 49 x 36 cm

    On speed adjustment plate: "plus vite - moins vite", on the diaphragm - an image of red Gallic rooster standing on a plate and the inscription: "MARQUE DÈPOSEE TRADE MARK BREVETE EN TO PAYS PATENTED IN ALL COUNTRIES REPRODUCTEUR", "PATHÉ"


    Gramophone with two horns, in oak wood case, with two wooden bars, with a door with a handle and a crank on the front panel. Covered with red felt disk for the record with a spring drive, two wooden supports with covered with green felt tops for sapphire stylus’ storage are on the top panel. Disc brake lever is on the right. Disc rotational speed lever and the plate indicating the direction of adjustment: "plus vite - moins vite" are on the left. Two brackets are behind the disk. The tonearms in rotary mechanisms ore mounted on them. They are connected to the horns in the form of black flowers with golden veins. The inscription "PATHÉ is on the right side. The cantilever is installed in conical supports between the adjusting screws in the sound box case bottom part with the inscriptions on the diaphragm. After installing the Pathe record, the spring winding, setting the styluses in the groove at a short distance from each other and starting the mechanism, the styluses are moving from the center to the edge, transmitting mechanical vibrations to the diaphragms, which convert them into sound amplified by the horns. There is a slight delay in the sound between the horns, which creates a surround sound effect. Music media: Pathe record.