Singing Birds

“Singing bird” automaton

    “Singing bird” automaton

    Germany, Hanau

    Circa 1950

    Vereinigte Silberwaren-Fabriken Bahner AG

    Silver, metal, leather, fabric, brass, painted bird feathers; mechanical work, chiseling, repousse, casting

    Height 50 cm, diameter 24 cm

    German crescent-shaped marks for silver “925” are on the socle; crown and numerals "925", hatchet-shaped mark, manufacturer’s mark; numeral "2"


    Polished white metal rack with crossbar at the top is fixed in the upper surface that is covered with black velvet. The rack is surrounded by the composition of dry twigs, branches, leaves, etc. Mechanical bird with brass beak in colored plumage of peacock feathers sits on the bar. White metal chain dangles nearby. Lever for activating the mechanism with bellows, piccolo pipe, with movable piston and spring drive protrudes from under the socle. The spring is key-winded. When the movement is winded and activated, the bird emits trills, opens and closes its beak simultaneously with the tail movements. The automaton is mounted on round black wooden stand and covered with bell glass.