Singing Birds

“Singing bird” automaton

    “Singing bird” automaton


    Circa 1880


    Metal, leather, fabric, brass, painted bird feathers; mechanical work, forge-rolling, turning

    109 x 32 cm, 5 kg

    Cam mechanism for controlling singing bird is mounted in round low barrel shaped case, which serves the automaton stand. Its lateral surface is wide forge-rolled rim of red copper alloy and is decorated with the ornament of convex elements in the form of bunches of grapes, leaves and round rosettes with ribbons, divided with rounded vertical punching out. Winding hole is made to the right, narrow rims decorated with ribbons and flowers between the rows of beads are above and below. Three low wooden chiselled feet are on the case bottom. Polished yellow metal tubular rack with half-height crossbar and ring at the top is fixed on the stand surface that is covered with green velvet stand. Mechanical bird with glass orange eyes, black, brown and green colors plumage sits on the ring. A lever activating the mechanism with bellows, piccolo pipe, movable piston and spring drive is protruding from under velvet covering. The spring is key-winded. When the movement is winded and activated the bird emits trills, turns its head, opens and closes its beak simultaneously with the tail movements. Winding key is in the set.