Singing Birds

Cage with singing bird

    Cage with singing bird

    France, Paris

    Circa 1860


    Steel, wood, leather, painted feathers; gilding, mechanical and carpentry work

    55 x 34 x 30.5 cm


    The cage from metal wire rods with dome and suspense in the form of a ball with ring in the upper part is mounted on octagonal ornately shaped gilded wooden socle, adorned with carved decorative stucco onlays in the form of flower garlands. The opening door is in the lateral side. Round polished wooden platform is inside the cage, tubular rack with crossbar, surrounded by wire branches with artificial leaves, red berries and flowers is fixed in the platform center. Mechanical bird in red plumage with black wings and tail sits on the rack. Winding hole is in one of the sides on the socle. A thumb trigger for activating cam mechanism with bellows, piccolo pipe, movable piston and spring drive is protruding from the adjacent side of the socle. When the movement is winded and activated the bird on the rack emits trills, turns its head and closes its beak simultaneously with the tail movements. Winding key is in the set.