Singing Birds

Automaton “Singing bird”

    Automaton “Singing bird”

    Germany, Hanau

    Circa 1930

    Vereinigte Silberwaren-Fabriken Bahner AG

    Silver, steel, wood, fabric, brass, painted feathers; gilding, forge-rolling, chasing, engraving, polishing, mechanical and carpentry work

    42 x 18 x 18 cm

    On ribbon: “Dvakrat padesát preje Věra a děti”; “1907 / 1930”; Czechoslovakian silver alloy 800. On base: silver alloy and maker's mark from Hanau, Germany


    Silver base in the form of cylinder with embossed chased ornament with the scenes of Putties playing with fantastic birds, with Hanau marks is on round black wooden stand with the groove for glass dome-shaped cover is fixed on three supports. High vertical rack with crossbar, decorated with branch with silver leaves, gilded silver chain and a bow is on the base upper panel. The engraved dedication in Czech, a spikelet and dates “1907/1930”, Czechoslovakian silver alloy marks in 1929-1941 are on silver bow ribbons. A bird in painted black feathers with gray tuft and greenish-yellow color breast, sits on the crossbar. Cam mechanism with bellows, piccolo pipe and spring drive is mounted inside the base. Winding key and activating lever are on the lower panel. When the movement is winded and activated the trills are heard, the birds opens and closes its beak and moves its tail. Protective dome-shaped cover and stand are in the set.