Musical automaton "The Сancan dancer"

    Musical automaton "The Сancan dancer"


    Late 19th - early 20th centuries

    Metal, wood, porcelain, fabric (silk, velvet), leather; sewing, painting, mechanical work

    60 x 36 x 30 cm


    Musical automaton in the form of a girl figure is mounted on wooden octagonal stand with golden and light green color profile base that is covered with burgundy velvet with lace braid on the top panel. Onlays with metal figures of dancing girls are on the  corner facets. The girl’s head, neck and hands are made of biscuit, she had blue glass eyes, a half-open mouth, she is wearing earrings with flowers, a clip in brown hair and a hat without crown  with black feathers and cream-colored frill with braid. She is dressed in silk lilac dress with puffed sleeves, lace frills on the skirt, sleeves and collar. Underwear is trimmed with lace. The girl is wearing black leather shoes and mesh stockings. Musical movement with sound comb, pinned cylinder, spring motor and movement is mounted in the stand. Winding key and activating lever are on the front. When the mechanism is activated, the music sounds, the girl turns the head, raises and lowers her hands holding the skirt, turns the body and  descends her left leg. Winding key is in the set.