Musical automaton "Clown-equilibrist"

    Musical automaton "Clown-equilibrist"

    Switzerland, Bruges

    Сirca 2004

    Dahler, Walter

    Wood (walnut, birch, maple), metal, beads, fabric (silk, wool), leather; painting, sewing, carpentry and mechanical work

    63 x 44 x 25 cm, 8 kg


    Musical automaton in the form of a clown-equilibrist figure, resting his hands on two white wooden chairs. Automaton is mounted in the center of a wooden walnut veneered podium, decorated with birch veneer intarsia. The podium with three steps on the left and right sides. Its central part is decorated with rectangular maple veneered onlay. Small section of the upper bar on the panel rotates, an aperture for the movement winding is behind it. Activating lever is on the right lateral side. Metal plate with the inscription  “W. Dahler Brugg / Suisse" is on the podium rear side. The clown is dressed in a dark blue silk suit, decorated with yellow beads, and burgundy shirt, decorated with silver curly braid with three light yellow stones and blue one in the center.  The collar and cuffs are decorated with lace frills. Golden belt is on the waist, a brooch with gray beads is on the belt. The lower edge of pants is decorated with a golden stripe with red stones on the sides. The clown is wearing light woollen knee-high socks and red leather shoes decorated with dark gray beads on his feet. The automaton is activated by a lever.  It reproduces music, simultaneously the clown nods his head, moves his right hand, imitates acrobatic exercise: raises his legs, raises a chair with his right hand and balances on the chair.