Musical automaton "Bubble Blowing Girl"

    Musical automaton "Bubble Blowing Girl"

    Switzerland, Geneve

    Circa 1970

    Metal, fabric, glass, biscuit, wood; casting, painting on biscuit, mechanical work

    105 x 44 x 25 cm, 7 kg


    A figure of a girl is mounted on rectangular wooden varnished case. Musical movement and control mechanism are fixed inside. Oval metal plate with the inscription “ANGÉLE” is screwed on the case facade, melded curly carrying handles are on the lateral sides. Aperture with square rod for the winding key is on the left side. Short metal tube is in the girl's right hand and a bowl with soap solution is in her left hand. The girl is wearing white lace dress with long sleeves and lace trim, lace drape with band-collar and pink bows. Brown hair wig and hat with lace and ribbon are on her head. Her hands and head are of painted biscuit, blue porcelain eyes with drooping eyelids. Cam control mechanism, air pump and musical movement with cylinder and sound comb operate from a single spring motor. The motor activating lever is not provided in the design. When the spring is winded, the girl’s figure starts moving - the head turns from side to side, her right hand brings the tube with soap solution drop to her mouth, and a stream of air from the mouth blows out the soap bubble, the eyes open and close.