Musical automaton "A girl playing tambourine"

    Musical automaton "A girl playing tambourine"

    France, Paris

    Circa 1885

    Pierre-Francois Jumeau (the head), Lambert, Léopold

    Wood, fabric, metal, biscuit; sewing, painting, mechanical work

    50 x 15 x 13 cm

    Mark on the shoulder: “Depose / Tete Jumeau”


    Musical automaton in the form of a girl is mounted on wooden rectangular stand with rounded vertical ribs covered with light brown velvet. The girl's head, neck and hands are made from biscuit, she has brown glass eyes, earrings in the form of balls with coins, brown hair and bandeau, bouquet of flowers with and one red flower, red lace collar with braid, beads and coins on the neck. She is dressed in yellow satin dress with puff sleeves, skirt with oncoming folds, red guipure lace top skirt. Black velvet bolero is decorated with golden braid; red satin shoes with bows and brown stockings are on her feet. The girl holds tambourine  and the end of the ribbon with bells in her right hand/ The other end of the ribbon is in her left hand. Musical movement with sound comb, pinned metal cylinder, spring drive and automaton's movement are mounted in the stand, with winding key and activating lever on the rear side. When the mechanism is turned on, music plays, the doll in tune with the music turns the head to the right and to the left, turns its right hand with tambourine, shaking it slightly, raises and lowers her left hand and rings the bells.