Musical automaton “Girl gymnast-on-ladder”

    Musical automaton “Girl gymnast-on-ladder”

    France, Paris

    Сirca 1890

    Lambert, Léopold

    Wood, metal, fabric, biscuit; painting, sewing, carpentry and mechanical and mechanical work

    64 x 28 x 65 cm

    Handwritten inscription on the label: “Frou-Frou Valse”, “1043”


    Musical automaton in the shape of a girl that rests her hands on the racks of the painted metal ladder that is mounted on wooden rectangular stand covered with mustard-colored velvet with braid. The girl's head and neck are biscuit, hands are wooden, with blue glass eyes, red ball-shaped earrings, light brown hair gathered up into a conical bun, folded lace collar with a braid and bow is on her neck. She is dressed in peach-colored satin jumpsuit with a band collar. The suit is trimmed with lace and black ruche, with puffed sleeves. Mesh belt and cuffs with lace trim.  Musical movement with sound comb,  pinned cylinder and spring motor, and two cams' mechanism is mounted in the stand. Winding key and on/off lever are on the rear side. When the movement is activated, the music sounds, the girl bents, returns in the  horizontal position, turns her right hand,  bent her body and takes off her left hand from the support, balancing on one hand, then she returns to the starting position. Musical movement reproduces the arrangement of the waltz by of the composer of the variety show and accordionist Pierre Parachini “Frou-Frou”.